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You shut your mouth you dirty slut, you know you like it in the butt. [08 | 31 | 04]
[ mood | tired ]

So it's freakin 6am right now and I need start getting ready for school.

SHUT IT SKANK (2:07:49 AM): i love you
Auto response from lykeOMGitslauren (2:07:49 AM): Sleepy time.

I love waking up to messages that you get in the middle of the night. <3;;

My brother and I are going on a date today. Around 4:30, him and I are going to go see Garden State, I'm so excited**

//What do you do when, in one hand, you have this sweater that absolutely love to death, but you've had it for so long that it's starting to get tattered and torn, then all of a sudden someone offers you a BRAND NEW sweater that looks like it would be just as comfy as the old one. Do you stick with what you're used to and love? Or do you try out the new sweater? Let me know what you think.


[08 | 30 | 04]
So I decided that I am going to keep this journal for a little while.. at least until my new one stops pissing me off.

I'm O B S E S S E D with the song "Let Go" by Frou Frou,, it gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. I can't wait to go see the movie Garden State, I can already tell that I'm going to love it//especially since that's the soundtrack I found the Frou Frou song on.

Tonight was fun, Pete and I talked about the past.. like the first time we ever hung out and what was going through are heads at that time. I can't believe it'll be 9 months on Sunday for us,, that's a long time if you ask me. I'm so in love.

I did some things on Saturday night that I regret, I said that I wasn't going to do it anymore, but yes Pete, it was fun none the less. =) I liked this weekend.

HEY! [08 | 28 | 04]
Once again, before I delete this journal..

ADD MY NEW JOURNAL __sexpert!!!

[08 | 26 | 04]
I got a new journal//__sexpert. Comment on here and add me first if you want me to add you on there. I don't think I'll be using this one anymore.

I love Pete [08 | 22 | 04]
PETE: Why do you listen to that type of music? It's awful.
ME: Because I think It's pretty.
PETE: Well I think you're pretty and you don't see me listening to you on cd everyday now do you?

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